Baring machine mod. comby DX-SX

Soil movement

The Inter-row Blade Plant Ridging Machine COMBY DX-SX REVERSIBLE AGROFER is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength and operative versatility, qualities which make it ideal for working on both sides in the inter-row of vineyards, orchards, olive groves or other arranged crops in rows.

Operational versatility is offered by the possibility of connecting various accessories to the same machine, to obtain complete processing of the rows.

The Inter-row Blade Plant Ridging Machine is a machine for working the ground strongly and in depth, breaking up and crushing grass and underground channels near the crops arranged in rows, with the aim of making the earth softer and therefore receptive to treatments. The working of the ground is obtained through the dragging of suitably shaped blades.

The machine is equipped as standard with a TE / 80 DX-SX (right and left) blade head, used to increase the working area which has to be ridged, and double front and rear coupling and hydraulic telescopic extension to adjust the working distance in the rows.The precise and reliable feeler pin allows the disc assembly to be retracted to avoid obstacles without having to move the entire machine sideways with the risk of wasting time and sensitivity in machining. Particularly sensitive even with plants of small diameter, the feeler pin allows you to work even in small spaces between plant and plant.


  • Comby DX-SX EASY
  • Comby DX-SX PLUS
  • Comby DX-SX TOP



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