Inter row blade plant baring machine S/110

Soil movement

The Inter-row Blade Plant Ridging Machine S/110 Agrofer is made with quality raw materials and technological solutions of robustness and operational versatility, which make it ideal for working in the inter-row of vineyards, orchards, olive groves or other crops arranged in rows.

Operational versatility is offered by the possibility of connecting various accessories to the same machine, to obtain complete processing of the rows.

The machine is equipped as standard with a blade head, used to increase the work area involved in the ridging operation, and double-acting piston operation and can be applied laterally to any type of tractor. Furthermore, the advantage is offered by the possibility for the operator to adjust it according to the type of machining required: vertical lift, oblique inclination, manual tool retraction.

The precise and reliable feeler allows the disc assembly to be retracted to avoid obstacles without having to move the entire machine sideways with the risk of wasting time and sensitivity in machining. Particularly sensitive even with plants of small diameter, the feeler allows you to work even in small spaces between plant and plant.


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