The "Universal Ridging Machine" Agrofer is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength and operative versatility, qualities which make it very different from other similar machines already present on the market. With these technologies the Ridger Agrofer is ideal for Row working in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and other plantations in rows. 

The Strength is given by the chassis which is designed with quality materials to fulfill the operators' needs while working in rows

the Operative Versatility is given by the possibility to couple various accessories to the same machine in order to have different working possibilities. 

One machine | Two different types of working

The Agrofer ridger offers in the same machine two different working: ridging and earthing up the ground. These two working operations control the development of weeds without having to use herbicides or cheamicals.

Real Innovation are the the disks operated by CARDAN POWER "PTO" with BELT TRACTION  that permits to work on every type of grouns, also in the most difficult conditions. By penetrating into the soil with delicacy the disks destroy weeds and the canals of noxious rodents leaving the dogged ground softer. It is the ideal machine for any type of plantation, both in vase and on espalier, and it is a quick and non-invasive system for working among the root-stocks.

The feeler pin is reliable, precise and particularly sensitive also in presence of plants with small diameter; it allows the machine to withdraw just the disks unit in order to avoid the obstacles without having to move the complete equipment sideways, thus avoiding the risk of losing time and sensitivity while operating. This allows to work also in small distances between two plants (minimum 50 cm).

The machine is supplied with two hydraulic movements:

  • Manual movement with Joysitck and flexible hoses
  • Electronic movement with 12 V Push-Button Pad 

The difference with the other Universal  models is that this has not hydraulic system nor hydraulic details but only an hydraulic cylinder to tilt the tool bearing kit.

The ridging machine is in conformity with the European safety rules and it is supplied with instructions, marking and EC conformity declaration.  

Technical details

 Technical Details