The Inter-row Blade Plant Ridging Machine Agrofer is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength and operative versatility, qualities which make it very different from other similar machines already present on the market. With these technologies the Ridger Agrofer is ideal for Row working on both sides in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and other plantations in rows. The advantage of this system lies in the fact that the working costs are reduced as one has the possibility to work in two rows at the same time. 

The Strength is given by the chassis which is designed with quality materials to fulfill the operators' needs while working in rows

the Operative Versatility is given by the possibility to couple various accessories to the same machine in order to have different working possibilities.  

The Blade Ridging Machine is a machine for working the ground with strength and in depth. It breaks up and smashes the grass and the underground channels created by rodents in the cultivations in rows. This machine makes the ground softer and therefore receptive to the treatments commonly required in agriculture. The system for working the ground is implemented through the dragging of the blades which are suitably shaped.

The machine is supplied standard with blade tool TE/80 DX-SX (right and left), used to increase the working area which has to be ridged, and double front and rear coupling and hydraulic telescopic extension on the left and right side to adjust it to perfection, according to the space between the rows. 

The feeler pin is reliable, precise and particularly sensitive also in presence of plants with small diameter; it allows the machine to withdraw just the disks unit in order to avoid the obstacles without having to move the complete equipment sideways, thus avoiding the risk of losing time and sensitivity while operating. This allows to work also in small distances between two plants (minimum 50 cm).


  • Comby DX-SX PLUS
  • Comby DX-SX TOP
  • Comby DX-SX PREMIUM 

 The ridging machine is in conformity with the European safety rules and it is supplied with instructions, marking and EC conformity declaration.  

Technical detail

 Mod. Comby
  accessories Mod. Comby DX PLUS-PLUS PREMIUM



It is also possible to fit the hydraulic disk assembly in place of the blade tool.




On request the model COMBY dx – sx is available with FRONT attachment for tractors with front lifting device, or with reversible drive and front power takeoff of the PTO type




Video modello Comby con i dischi


Video modello Comby con le lame


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