The Cultivator VARIO AG Agrofer is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength, which makes it very different from other similar machines already present on the market. With these technologies the Ridger Agrofer is ideal for Row working in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and other plantations in rows. The advantage of this system lies in the fact that the working costs are reduced as one has the possibility to work in two rows at the same time. 

The Strength is given by the chassis which is designed with quality materials to fulfill the operators' needs while working in rows

The Cultivator is a machine for working the ground with strength and in depth. It breaks up and smashes the grass and the underground channels created by rodents in the cultivations in rows. This machine makes the ground softer and therefore receptive to the treatments commonly required in agriculture.

The machine is supplied with cut-tube profile frame, adjustable anchors and hydraulic toothed roller the machine can even be used to work on hard ground.

Model Vario AG TOP 


The standard Cultivator VARIO AG TOP and AG TOP PREMIUM with square springs have blade tool TE/80 DX, used to increase the working area which has to be ridged, pump and oil tank.

The Mod. Premium is supplied with 2 hydraulic pumps and oil radiator.

Other hydraulic motorised accessories can be coupled instead of the blade tool.  

 The ridging machine is in conformity with the European safety rules and it is supplied with instructions, marking and EC conformity declaration.  

Technical detail

  Mod. Vario AG- AG TOP

  Mod. Vario AG TE 80