The Subsoiler D.A.R. Agrofer is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength and operative versatility, qualities which make it very different from other similar machines already present on the market. With these technologies the Ridger Agrofer is ideal for Row working in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and other plantations in rows. 

The subsoiler is a machine pulled by the tractor that aerates the area between the rows. The soil between the rows is firstly compacted by the tractor, then aerated by the machine through its shares (mounted internally or externally) which penetrate in depth thank to the hydraulic cylinder. The oxygen permits the correct development of the plants roots towards the centre of the row.

The roller has the function to level the worked ground.


The D.A.R. Agrofer:

  • Breaks the compacted layers formed at different depths, due to normal working.
  • Is different from traditional subsoilers as it lifts the soil uniformly thanks to its curved shares which do not damage the grass covered surface. Also, after cutting, the surface is restored by the rear roller so that the earth remains sufficiently settled for primary working.
  • Has the ability to make a horizontal cut facilitates deep water penetration, deep aeration of the soil and the restoration of adequate conditions in the development of roots. 

Model D.A.R. C.

The D.A.R.C. is a standard Subsoiler D.A.R. which is supplied with stainless steel container to fertilize the ground after  have areated it.  

The subsoiler is in conformity with the European safety rules and it is supplied with instructions, marking and EC conformity declaration.  

Technical details

 Technical Details



Gallery model D.A.R.


Gallery model D.A.R.C.


Video D.A.R.C. con concimatore