The Cart for product harvest and bins transport Agrofer is characterized by innovative tecnologies and solutions of strength and durability.

The cart is designed to simplify ordinary activities such as the harvesting of fruits and vegetables grown in rows, the road transport and the unloading of containers. 

The main frame structure consists of side-members of cut tube profiles made up of 100x100 and is very agile, to allow the harvesting also in very low plantations.

Supplied with:

  • bascule drawbar for bins unloading
  • special rear stops to fasten the bins
  • on request: double wheel roll tracks for bin unloading

The unloading is easily done by lifting up the lifting device of the tractor so that the bascule drawbar is curved upwards and the rear part of the cart leans against the ground. Due to the angle of the cart the bins run easily and with precision downwards on DOUBLE WHEEL ROLL TRACKS, without jolting the product. These roll tracks also ensure the safe transport of the bins.

Model ECO 

This model has the same characteristics of the Mod. ECO 2 but it has a fixed drawbar. The unloading is easily done by applying the proper tractor's hydraulic lever, which gives the cart a tilt upwards through a hydraulic cart jack.

Box train one

The Box Train One Agrofer is a small bin carriage with hinged drawbars to be couplet with the tractor and linking drawbar with absorption suitable for shock-free transport of the product 

The carts Agrofer are in conformity with the European safety rules and it is supplied with instructions, marking and EC conformity declaration.

Technical details

 Technical Details box train

 Technical Detailseco


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