The Manure Spreader Agrofer has been designed and built with high quality technological solutions to give Strength and Durability thanks to the sides and deck made with larch planks, which distinguish the Agrofer Manure Spreaders from other models

This model has been designed to be mounted on straddle tractors for the rear spreading on vineyard or orchard rows. It has a light structure ideal to go in and out every type of row easiliy.

The main structure consists of cut tube profiles, while the container and the edges consist of "treated" larch planks which ensure a longer endurance and resistance to the corrosive action of the manure's acids.

The vertical rollers, with spiral roller system, ensure careful mincing of the manure, thus obtaining a uniform and precise spreading in plantations grown in rows. Through the functional system with horizontal rollers the foliage of the plants in the treated plantations are not damaged.

Supplied with guides for the binding chain feed which are of hydraulic and adjustable type.


  • Larch wood sides: treated larch wood ensures longer life and resistance to the corrosive action of manure acids
  • Frame is in sectioned tubular
  • Agrofer Manure Spreaders comply with European safety regulations and come complete with an instruction booklet, marking and CE declaration of conformity.


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