Professionalism and competence

Who we are

Since 1980 specialists in the care of vineyards and orchards

We deal with the design, manufacture and sale of inter-row machines and agricultural machinery for viticulture and fruit growing.


Our company was born in the early 80s thanks to our father, Severino Zenegaglia.

In 1984 the company was awarded a prestigious title for the AGROFER inter-row disc baring and ridging machine, the first one ever in the world to operate a motorized disc drive with mechanical transmission.

We have been the holders of the relative twenty-year international patent, which has allowed us to be the world leader over the years in this construction peculiarity.

Our father taught us the professionalism and dedication to work, to give the best results and reliability to our customers.

Agrofer today

With these values, our company continues to be competent in the market.

Over time we have perfected the machinery and use new design technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and modernity of the vehicle.
The material we use for the machines is of high quality, a feature that guarantees its maintenance and durability over time.

Today we are involved in the design and manufacture of artisanal inter-row ridging machines, manure spreaders, bin holders for fruit harvesting, carts with stainless steel tanks for transporting grapes, platforms for transporting machines and specialized wagons.

AGROFER srl is spread over an area of about 1000 square meters and we have modern equipment and highly qualified personnel.
We address the Italian market, and we export our qualitative technology also to the rest of the world.

Research and innovation in machinery

Times change and AGROFER as well!
We are constantly studying new technologies, to make agricultural machinery in step with the times. We also give the possibility to customize the machine according to the customer’s requests.

Quality and competence in every production process

Behind every machine there is always a highly specialized team of people who, with care and dedication, punctually carry out each phase of product creation.


Stages of construction of the agricultural machinery



To make a good product you must always start from its design: in this phase we analyze all the modification factors of the current equipment, making them more efficient. We also give the possibility to customize the product.



We have workshops dedicated to the construction of the machinery. Once the raw metal is received (first choice, for a better durability over time), we model it with qualified personnel.


Together with a graphic study, we have chosen the right color for our products. We looked for a color that harmonized on the field. This is where the Agrofer light blue was born.



In this phase we combine all the pieces made for the final construction of the machine.



With the inspection we carry out control tests on the agricultural machinery made. We do bench tests in our workshops, and then put the machinery under stress in the agricultural field.



Now that the product is completed, we deliver it to the end customer. It is shipped or collected directly in our workshops.