Coltivator mod. vario AG TL DX-SX

Soil movement

The VARIO AG TL DX-SX cultivator is made with quality raw materials and technological solutions that make it ideal for working on both sides of the rows of vineyards, orchards, olive groves or other crops arranged in rows.
The sturdiness is offered by a frame designed to meet all the needs of the operator while working in the rows; operational versatility is offered by the possibility of connecting various accessories to the same machine, to obtain complete processing of the rows.
The blade cultivator is a machine for working the ground with strength and depth, making it softer and therefore receptive to treatments.
The machine is equipped with a sectioned tubular frame that can be hydraulically adjusted to adapt to any system, adjustable anchors and a hydraulic toothed roller that allow working even on the most difficult and heavy soils.
The BLADE TE / 80 DX-SX tool with telescopic extension is used to increase the work area involved in the ridging operation and allows processing in the row and in the right and left side inter-row to be performed in a single step.

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