Manure spreader FVS


The Agrofer manure spreader F.V.S. is built with quality materials and technological solutions to ensure sturdiness and durability over time thanks to the sides built in larch wood which guarantees greater durability and resistance to the corrosive action of the manure acids.

This model is designed for localized lateral spreading on the row of vineyards or orchards with a slim structure suitable for entering and exiting any type of row easily.

The main feature of the F.V.S. is the multiple rotary, characterized by drive plates located inside the large wheel driven by the “PTO” cardan transmission; a hydraulic motor allows the movement of the chain conveyor that pulls a special side that allows the forward movement of the manure. 

The spreading distance is adjusted by two adjustable guards on the manure outlet and by the spreader roller placed inside the spreading mouth.

The F.V.S. it is also suitable for the distribution of compost and other products.

It can also be supplied with a Tandem rocker axle.





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