Manure spreader VB


The V.B. AGROFER manure spreader is built with quality materials and technological solutions to ensure sturdiness and durability over time thanks to the larch wood sides, a detail that most distinguishes the AGROFER manure spreaders.

This model is designed for rear spreading in rows of vineyards or orchards, with a slim structure suitable for entering and exiting easily from any type of row; it is suitable for the distribution of manure as well as compost and other products.

The frame is in sectioned tubular and the sides of larch treated to ensure greater durability and resistance to the corrosive action of the manure acids.

The VB manure spreader is available with 2 or 4 vertical rollers, with a balanced auger system, which allow the shredded manure to exit into small parts, obtaining uniformity and precision of spreading in the row.

It is supplied with special guides for the sliding of the chains with adjustable hydraulic advancement.


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