Cart Mod. g40 rt TANDEM


The G40 RT AGROFER single-axle bin holder with rigid suspensions is built with quality materials and technological solutions to facilitate the work that is commonly carried out during the harvesting of fruit and vegetables in row crops, road transport and bin unloading.

The main structure of the frame is made up of 150×150 tubular side members and is very slim, allowing for harvesting even in low plantations.

The Tandem system allows an even safer and more stable transport of the product, avoiding impacts that could damage it

It is complete with:

  • lowering of the floor
  • mobile support platforms to reach the second row of boxes
  • roller conveyor with double adjustable wheels for bin unloading
  • adjustable guides
  • removable rudder
  • axle with mechanical brake
  • headlights

On request: “Italian Certificate” road homologation for 40 quintals only for Italian road traffic


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